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Titus pt. 4

Titus pt. 4

From: Jun 14, 2016
By: Bo Noonan

Bo Noonan speaks from Titus 1:10-16 on defending against false teachers. 

Paul treats the issue of TRUTH and LIES as LIFE and DEATH. He is adamant that Titus make sure that those who would be appointed as elders can silence the false teachers. 

Paul points out that lies lead to destruction and are not to be tolerated. This is true in our churches as well as in our personal lives. By failing to defend against lies by using truth, we make agreements with lies. As we make agreements with lies, we find destruction in our own lives. Are there lies you've made agreements with? Perhaps a parent told you you were a mistake? Maybe you've believed you are unloveable? Whatever it is, you need to break these agreements. We do this by applying the truth of the Gospel as well as getting help from others in our Community Groups. What's your next step? 

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