Introducing Alastair Moyer: the newest NCC staff member

by: Pete Cooley

posted on: Oct 13, 2017

We wanted to take a moment to welcome Alastair Moyer to the NCC staff team! Many of you will know him already as he's been a part of NCC for a while, but we thought we'd get some of the big questions out into the open. 


Where are you from?

Tacoma, Washington

How’d you become a Christian?

My parents raised me as a Christian, but the true change came as a freshman in high school. I joined a youth group where I saw people practicing their faith as well as preaching it. It changed my entire life.

Can you tell us about your family?

My wife and I met when we were only 14! It only took me three years to convince her to date me and we’ve been together since. We just hit our 10 year anniversary this July. We have two boys: Royce (nearly 3) and Lewis (9 months) who are a delight and challenge us daily.

Can you tell us about your new role and what are you most excited about?

Washing Bo’s car daily and vacuuming Wes’ truck. ;) I’ll be helping to coordinate the various Sunday morning service teams, recruiting volunteers, some administrative duties, connecting with non-profit partners and whatever else is needed.

What album, book or podcast is inspiring you right now?

I love music, reading and podcasts, so this is tough, but in no particular order:

Album - “Wilder Minds” by Mumford and Sons - Not their best work, but these guys deliver a solid sound and songs that grow in meaning every time I listen to them.

Book - Anything by Khaled Hosseini in particular A Thousand Splendid Suns - His books touch on the Afghan experience both during the reign of the Taliban and after. Very emotional, so prepare to cry, but also a perspective that you won’t read about in spite of the fact that Afghanistan is so often in the news.

Favorite hobbies?

Playing with my sons is a give, but I also love reading, playing video games/watching movies (though staying awake for anything on a screen is a struggle), a visit to a brewery and the occasional hike. In another life I loved traveling and intend to get back to it someday.

Tell us something about yourself that someone would be surprised to learn?

Merry and I lived in South Korea for 15 months teaching English in an after school academy/kindergarten. We loved it there and visited several Asian countries as well. I don’t speak a word of Korean though.

Favorite Spanish word and why?

Spanish is an amazing language and many words are more fun than in English. I love how Spanish uses the ‘r’ sound so any word with ‘r’, but in particular “pirata” (pirate).


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